Graduation Information

Congratulations! Graduation is just around the corner and there are only a few more steps you need to complete in order to prepare for this important event.

December 17, 2018

Forest City Seventh Day Adventist Church 
7601 Forest City Rd. 
Orlando, FL 32810


Complete a Graduation Application

Submitting a Graduation Application will enable you to register for your capstone course and provide us with the details we need to mail your diploma. Complete the Graduation Application and fax it to 407.303.9755.

Graduation Application (PDF) →

Application Deadlines

Graduation Date Application Deadline
Fall February 1
Spring July 1
Summer November 1

Receiving Your Diploma

Diplomas are mailed six to eight weeks after the end of each trimester. To ensure there is no delay in sending your degree, please complete the following steps:

  • Check for Holds. Check your student account for holds. All holds except for the alumni hold must be cleared before degrees are conferred and mailed.
  • Check Service-Learning Hours. Make sure you have fulfilled the service-learning requirement for your degree.
  • Confirm Address. Diplomas are mailed to the address listed on your student account. Y ou may change your address at any time via the Personal Information tab through your MARS portal. If you wish to have your Diploma mailed to a different address, please contact the Office of the Registrar via the MARS messaging board. If you had a name change since you submitted your Graduation application, be sure to update your information by filling out a Name Change form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar. All Information must be updated by the day after Graduation.
  • Complete Exit Loan Counseling. If you received student loans while attending Adventist University of Health Sciences, you must complete exit loan counseling on the National Student Loan Data System website at  When selecting a college, make sure to choose Adventist University of Health (03115500). Our full school name is not listed; "Sciences" was left off due to it being too long. Once you've completed this process, print a copy of the Completion Certificate and bring it with you to the Graduation Extravaganza.
  • Acquire Business Office Clearance. Your student account balance must be paid in full before your diploma is mailed to you.

Ordering Regalia

All graduates must order their regalia online, through Oak Hall There is no charge to order your regalia (includes cap, gown, hood, and tassel). All regalia will be mailed out to On-campus and Online students.

Ordering Dates

Please be sure to order your regalia between the dates below that correspond to the graduation you will be attending.

Fall Graduation: September 21- December 2, 2018
Spring Graduation: January 231- April 8, 2019


Frames and Announcements

Graduates and Guest may order Frames & Announcements via online by clicking on the links below.

Frames →

Announcements →


Photographers are available at the graduation site to take pictures for all graduates from 9 am to 11 am.

To view your portraits, visit Werner Kahn Studios, select your name and enter your password. Your password is the last four digits of the telephone number you provided. For questions, contact Werner Kahn Studios.

Graduation Day Schedule (Times and Activities subject to change)

9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Portraits for all Graduates at Forest City Seventh Day Adventist Church
1:00 p.m. Graduates arrive/check-in at Church.
Student representatives meet with Grand Marshal in sanctuary for rehearsal at Church (Graduates must come dressed in regalia.)- Meet at 12:30pm
1:00 p.m. Faculty/Staff who are marching must check-in. Location TBD.
1:45 p.m. Sanctuary doors close for processional. Friends and family members must be in the sanctuary by 1:45pm. Doors will be closed and remaining guests will not be able to go inside until after the opening prayer.
2:00 p.m.

Commencement ceremony begins.

*Immediately following the Graduation ceremony there will be an opportunity for graduates to take photos with their faculty. The photo opportunities will be located courtyard areas at the Church.

Graduation Events

MOT Graduate Hooding →

Nursing Pinning Ceremony →

Graduation Extravaganza →

Graduation Conduct & Protocol

Please follow the directions of staff personnel and security officers at all times. The instructions below are to you ensure your safety and the safety of our graduates while complying with the facilities regulations.

Family & Guests

  • A designated video/photo area has been reserved during the ceremony to prevent disruption. Please ask your guests to follow this protocol.
  • The Commencement Ceremony is held in a church sanctuary. We request that no food or drink is brought into the sanctuary.
  • We ask that there not be horns used or yelling in a disrespectful manner during the graduation ceremony.
  • There is no smoking on church property.
  • Guests may not enter the Education Building or other areas designated for students only.
  • Please refrain from bringing food or drink into the sanctuary.
  • Late comers will be ushered to seating in the back, but will still have a nice view of the event.
  • A professional photo will be taken of each student. Flash photography should not be used in the vicinity of the University photographer, since this could potentially result in a less than optimum official photo of the graduate.
  • Please remain quiet during the ceremony.
  • Avoid loud cat calls and noisemaking devices.
  • Please silence all phones and electronic devices.
  • Please do not move into the aisle during the ceremony.
  • Please remain seated until the recessional is completed and all students have left the sanctuary.
  • Please exit the building using the side exits only, do not block the passageways or exits.
  • Please make prior arrangements with your graduate to meet somewhere outside of the building after the ceremony


  • Please leave all personal belongings with friends or family members attending the ceremony. You cannot bring in any bags/purses/personal belongings into the Education Building with you.
  • Do not wear sneakers or flip flops.
  • Hang your tassel on the left side. It's not moved during or after the ceremony.
  • Wear dark-colored clothing underneath your regalia, because the gowns are lightweight and semi-transparent.
  • Do not add decorations to the cap or gown.